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Embedded systems are increasingly prevalent in nearly every aspect of human life. Innovations made possible by embedded systems are making our lives healthier, safer, cleaner, and more stimulating. Today, embedded systems are integral across a diverse range of application and industries, fueled by growth in smart devices, wearables, medical devices, automotive, manufacturing, security systems, communications, healthcare, aerospace and defense, and autonomous systems. These application-specific systems are typically designed for meeting real time constraints, such as speed, power, size, accuracy, reliability, and adaptability. However, as our world evolves with increasingly complex systems, engineers are often faced with critical challenges in designing, managing, and optimizing these systems for the rapidly changing requirements of tomorrow.

Embedded systems design stands at the intersection of hardware and software architecture. These engineers are experts in software application development with a profound understanding of the target hardware architecture. In this track, you will acquire deep knowledge about both domains, and the skills to combine them into a complete system that is optimized for performance, an important advantage that will dominate the future of engineering.

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