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Obtaining a Permission Number and Getting Waitlisted

Students should email their requests to

Emailed requests must contain the following:

  1. The course number "ELEC_ENG/COMP_ENG/EECS __" and the phrase "permission number" in the subject line (this will be automatic if you click on the email address above).
  2. Your full name.
  3. Major and level (e.g. freshman, sophomore, etc.).
  4. Instructor's name.
  5. Your phone number (not required but useful to us if your email bounces back).

(Special note for "instructor consent" courses: Students must speak with the professor listed in CAESAR before requesting a permission number.)

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Enrollment/Degree Verification

For more information, see the Registrar's Enrollment Verification website.

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Questions about Curriculum, Plan of Study, Prerequisites, Course Requirements

You may email with your question and we will get back to you as fast as possible. Or you can stop by Tech L360 and talk with Goce Trajcevski. You can also call him at 847-491-7069.

Note: Before you contact, please make sure to read carefully the information available in the Undergraduate Study Manual.

The email address is intended to help with undergraduate issues. If you have admissions-related concerns and are a graduate student, please visit this page.

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Upcoming Master's/PhD Prospectus Oral or Final Defense

You'll need to complete the Examination Request Form a few weeks in advance. Also, be sure to check in with the ECE Graduate Student Affairs Office personnel in Tech L351 (phone: 847-467-2165) for specific requirements, and make sure your adviser knows what your plans are. Read the appropriate sections of the CE Graduate Study Manual and EE Graduate Study Manual for loads of pertinent information.

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Student Lab Hostnames

Get a list of student lab hostnames.

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Textbooks for TAS

See Lana Kiperman in Tech L359, or email

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Having a Course Petition Signed

Alan Sahakian, Tech L356, maintains an open door policy. Allen Taflove, Tech L361, can also sign petitions for graduate students.

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Confirmation Letter for my VISA Renewal or to Travel

Please stop by Tech L351 or email ECE Graduate Student Affairs Office.

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Northwestern Graduate School (TGS) English Language Learners Program

Phone: 847-491-5776
Address: 2016 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-409

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Printing Large Posters

You have the following options:

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Overloading and Underloading Classes

If you are an undergrad and would only like to take two classes (underload) or more than six classes (overload) in any given quarter, please contact Joseph Holtgreive.

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Permission Numbers for TGS Courses

Permission numbers for TGS courses must be obtained from The Graduate School, 633 Clark Street, Evanston.

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Finding Grants

A comprehensive list of all state grants where college students can find grants: This list was put together by a college student, Kevin Watts, who wishes to share the financial knowledge he learned about getting out of debt and taking control of his financial life.

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Summer Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) has devoted a website that is intended to help undergraduates in computing fields find summer research opportunities and resources for applying to graduate school.

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Travel Reimbursement Procedures

Undergraduate students who apply for a Conference Travel Support Grant must be either presenting an accepted paper or an accepted poster at the conference for which they are seeking travel support. Our travel support grants are normally for graduate students who are presenting an accepted paper/poster, but undergrads who are presenting an accepted paper/poster at a conference are eligible to apply as well.

Learn more about travel receipts and the university's reimbursement policy. This includes transportation, lodging, conference registration, and meals.