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Quantum Computing, Sensing & Communications

The world of computing is witnessing seismic advancements, leading into a new frontier called Quantum Computing. Quantum computers can achieve advantages in processing power, capable of performing tasks and finding answers to problems that conventional supercomputers could never solve. Quantum Computing has the power to change the dynamics of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cryptography, military defense, commerce, and many other critical industries. This game-changing technology will propel the Quantum Computing market towards exponential growth, along with rising demand for highly skilled engineers to join the quantum-ready workforce.

This track will prepare you for a career in the full range of fields in Quantum Information Sciences to meet the challenges of this cutting-edge technology. In this multi-disciplinary field, you will acquire foundational skills in four key areas including Quantum Computation, Quantum Communication, Quantum Sensing, and fundamental Quantum Science. Additionally, you will also learn how to apply both theoretical and practical knowledge to design quantum algorithms, circuitry, cryptography, communication protocols, and more.

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