ELEC_ENG 395, 495: Magnetism and Spintronics: Fundamentals and Device Applications



This course introduces the basic concepts of magnetism and magnetically ordered materials (ferromagnets, ferrimagnets, and antiferromagnets), spin-dependent electron transport in such materials, and their device applications. While covering the fundamental physics required for understanding of these materials and devices, the focus throughout the course will be on applications, with examples such as magnetic data storage, magnetic random access memory (MRAM), neuromorphic computing, sensors, microwave, magnonic, and quantum devices. If you are interested to learn about new devices and technologies that build the foundation of one of the fastest-growing parts of the electronics/semiconductor industry, this course is for you! 

Course format (Spring 2021): 

  • Recorded lectures + weekly live discussion sessions via Zoom
  • Additional office hours by email appointment are welcome 

Instructor:  Prof. Pedram Khalili  (

Grading:  Quizzes (40%), Homework (40%), Final Exam (20%) 

Course Content:

  • Week 1: Introduction to magnetic materials, magnetic order, exchange, anisotropy
  • Week 2: Static and low-frequency properties of magnetic materials
  • Week 3: Dynamic properties: Susceptibility and permeability tensors, FMR
  • Week 4: Dynamic properties: Demagnetization tensors, shape-induced effects
  • Week 5: Spin waves: Volume waves
  • Week 6: Spin waves: Surface waves
  • Week 7: Spin-dependent transport: AMR, GMR, TMR, and related phenomena
  • Week 8: Spin-transfer torque, spin-orbit roque, and voltage control of magnetism
  • Week 9: Device applications: High-frequency magnetic devices (inductors, circulators)
  • Week 10: Device applications: Memory, sensors, microwave oscillators and detectors 

Suggested Texts:

  • Gurevich and Melkov, Magnetization Oscillations and Waves, CRC Press
  • Dieny (ed.), Introduction to magnetic random-access memory, IEEE
  • M.D. Coey, Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Cambridge
  • Recent research papers and review articles on topics of current interest