Photo of Ammon Johnson

Ammon Johnson

Business Administrator III
Phone: 847-491-3376
Office: Tech L358
Email Ammon
  • Oversees departmental financial operations
  • Manages faculty salary and effort
  • Coordinates effort reporting, annual space survey, etc.
  • Manages administrative staff and HR related matters for the department
  • Prepare and administer department annual budget
Photo of Royce Morris

Royce Morris

Electronics Specialist
Phone: 847-461-6873
Office: Teaching Labs - Tech CG30
Email Royce
  • Manages NUECE UTL operations, facilities, and safety
  • Develops and coordinates lab course schedules and lab space usage
  • Determines lab annual budget expenditure
  • Supervises teaching lab assistants (TAs)
Photo of Steve Slocombe

Steve Slocombe

Electronics Technician II - Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories
Phone: 847-491-8161
Office: Tech CG20
Email Steve
  • Provides preventative and corrective maintenance of NUECE UTL course experiment apparatus, test equipment, and lab PC systems
  • Administrates lab course toolkit and test equipment loan program
Photo of Carol Surma

Carol Surma

Financial Assistant
Phone: 847-491-3692
Fax: 847-491-4455
Office: Tech L357
Email Carol
  • Purchasing and vendor payment requests
  • Processes reimbursements for students and visitors
  • Processes contracted services, consultant, and honorarium payments
  • Orders lab and office keys
  • Maintains copier and office supplies
Photo of Jami Arceneaux

Jami Arceneaux

Financial Assistant
Phone: 847-491-2972
Office: Tech L357
Email Jami
  • Payroll and tuition management
  • Payroll tracking
  • Process payroll journals
  • Level 1 approver in NUFinancials
Photo of Vaneida Aguilar

Vaneida Aguilar

Research Administrator
Office: Tech L356
Email Vaneida
  • Manages proposal preparation and pre-award activities
  • Monitors awards, and submits award management requests for processing and approvals (no-cost extensions, opening account codes, revised budgets, etc.)
  • Sponsored research compliance monitor and local subject matter expert regarding sponsored research 
  • Effort Reporting, Payroll, and NUFinancials support
  • Liaison with Northwestern's Sponsored Research office (SR)
Photo of Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Financial Coordinator
Phone: 847-467-6049
Office: Tech L356
Email Jeffrey
  • Monthly budget reporting and reconciliation
  • Financial projections on sponsored projects
  • Sponsored account closeout
  • Level 2 NUFinancials approver, graduate student and post-doc funding approval
  • Management of department chart strings (non-sponsored)
  • Annual budget planning and miscellaneous reporting
Photo of Catherine Healey

Catherine Healey

Graduate Affairs Coordinator
Phone: 847-467-4620
Office: Tech L359
Email Catherine
  • Assists in recruitment, applications, and admissions for the graduate programs
  • Oversees the PhD recruitment visit and orientation
  • Oversees graduate student milestones, coordination with TGS, and issuing letters of verification
  • Manages class planning and programming in CLSS and SES/CAESAR
  • Maintains ECE website and edits accordingly
Photo of Nataliya Panchyshyn

Nataliya Panchyshyn

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 847-491-7092
Office: Tech L359
Email Nataliya
  • General administrative duties including clerical/mail organizing, general office maintenance/questions
  • Event planning and scheduling
  • Organizes department seminars and guest visits
  • Event advertising
  • Permission numbers
  • Room reservation requests