Photo of Ammon Johnson

Ammon Johnson

Business Administrator III
Phone: 847-491-3376
Office: Tech L358
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Photo of Royce Morris

Royce Morris

Electronics Specialist
Phone: 847-461-6873
Office: Teaching Labs - Tech CG30
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Photo of Nikki Piech

Nikki Piech

Research Administrator
Phone: 847-467-4068
Fax: 847-491-5258
Office: Tech L356
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Photo of Steve Slocombe

Steve Slocombe

Electronics Technician II - Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories
Phone: 847-491-8161
Office: Tech CG20
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Photo of Kristen Sudman

Kristen Sudman

Program Assistant III/Graduate Student Coordinator
Phone: 847-491-7092
Office: Tech L351
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Photo of Carol Surma

Carol Surma

Financial Assistant
Phone: 847-491-3692
Fax: 847-491-4455
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Photo of J Ratcliff

J Ratcliff

Financial Assistant
Phone: 847-491-2972
Office: Tech L357
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Photo of Jeffrey Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Financial Coordinator
Phone: 847-467-6049
Office: L356
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Photo of Lourdes Vazquez

Lourdes Vazquez

Financial Coordinator - CQD
Phone: 847-467-1947
Office: L354 Tech;
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