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Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology have enabled a paradigm shift toward smart robotic and autonomous systems capable of performing complex tasks. Autonomous robots are programmed with AI to recognize and learn from their surroundings and make independent decisions. Self-driving cars, unmanned air vehicles, and autonomous delivery drones are just some of the intelligent systems that are becoming an integral part of contemporary life. Robotics and autonomous systems are impacting manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, defense, healthcare, services, and many other critical applications today. New applications are emerging that will continue to transform and impact everyday life.

In this track, you will acquire skills in robotics and autonomous systems across multidisciplinary domains, including embedded systems, signal processing, control systems, computer vision, artificial intelligence, mechatronics, and much more. Through the intersection of AI, software programming, and hardware design, you will develop the technical skills to build intelligent machines and sophisticated autonomous devices that replicate human behaviors.

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