ELEC_ENG 429: Selected Topics in Quantum Information Science and Technology

This course is not currently offered.


Some knowledge of linear algebra


"Quantum Information and Quantum Computation" In this course the basics of quantum information science will be covered, including general descriptions of quantum state, measurement, and transformation. Emphasis will be put on quantum entanglement and its applications to quantum teleportation and quantum computation.  Their underlying theories and some expeimental development will be discussed.  Depending on class interests, selected topics on quantum error correction, quantum cryptogaphy, or quantum information theory will be covered.   

REQUIRED TEXT: M.A. Nielsen and I.L. Chuang, "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information," Cambridge University Press, 2000.​

COURSE DIRECTOR: Prof. Horace Yuen

COURSE GOALS: To introduce the basic concepts and techniques underlying all quantum information science and technology, and topics of current interest in one or more of the following areas: quantum computation, quantum information and communication, quantum cryptography.

GRADING: Homework and final presentation or term paper 


  • General formulation of quantum physics, relation to quantum information
  • Quantum computation and quantum algorithms, models of quantum computation
  • Quantum information processing, quantum noise and operations
  • Quantum cryptographic protocols, key distribution and privacy. Authentication
  • Selected in-depth topics in the areas of quantum computation, quantum information processing, and quantum cryptography