COMP_SCI 397, 497: Wireless and Mobile Health (mHealth)



Permission from the instructor


Wireless and Mobile health (mHealth) aims to improve our health and well-being by utilizing data provided by technologies such as wearables, IoT devices, and mobile phones. This course will cover foundational knowledge and topical work in mHealth. Students will learn the essential steps needed to create a mHealth system from conception to evaluation through assigned reading, group discussions, and some hands-on projects. Since mHeath is an interdisciplinary field, we will cover a range of literature in human-computer interaction, wearable systems, machine learning, and health. Readings, hands-on projects, and in-class activities will prepare students for their final creative assignment that involves writing and presenting a research proposal for a mHealth system or research idea. Although this course will cover some technical aspects of mHealth, we encourage students with different backgrounds to enroll as they will work in interdisciplinary teams.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the process of creating and evaluating a mHealth methods
  • Learn about developing an embedded system for mHeath applications using Arduino
  • Understand resource optimization in mHealth systems
  • Critically examine the impact of mHealth systems on people and society
  • Analyze different types of data obtained from mHealth systems, including but not limited to the following sensors: ECG, PPG, accel/gyro, video, audio, proximity, ambient light, piezoelectric
  • Design experiments to collect data and validate mHealth systems
  • Write a proposal for a mHealth system or framework


  • Weekly paper reviews based on weekly readings
  • In class discussion of the reading materials
  • A few hands-on projects that require sensor data collection, data analysis, and using Arduino.
  • Final mHealth project paper. This will NOT require building a system, just proposing and defending an idea, outlining possible experiments, and showing mastery of the research method as well as the literature. This project will have multiple milestones throughout the course
  • For CS students: This course fulfills the Project Course requirements.
  • For CE students: This course fulfills your CE Embedded Systems Area (via petition form).

This course is intended for advanced CS and CE undergraduates and graduate students. If you’re interested in this class, but not sure you have the background, please contact the instructor.

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Nabil Alshurafa &Mahdi Pedram