ELEC_ENG 395, 495: Personal Health Systems

This course is not currently offered.


Basic understanding of signals and systems (e.g. ELEC_ENG 222); knowledge of communication systems (e.g. ELEC_ENG 307) and data structures (e.g. COMP_SCI 214) helpful but not required.


AIM AND SCOPE: To introduce the students to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) components of the Personal Health Systems (PHS) and the engineering approaches for integrating and testing the ICT components driven by user needs. The ICT components include wearable technologies, medical devices and eHealth components aiming at the management of chronic disease patients and healthy lifestyle, through  medical decision making, coaching interventions, telemonitoring and integrated care leading to precision medicine.

COURSE INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Nicos Maglaveras


  • PHS technical foundations: Pervasive and ubiquitous computing, Ambient Intelligence, Internet of Things
  • Overview of current wearable and wireless sensor technologies
  • Telemonitoring open and closed loop systems
  • Integrated care and coordinated care ICT PHS components
  • PHS architecture and semantics & data modelling
  • Biodata analytics and management for personalized healthcare
  • Personalised care pathways and medical decision support systems
  • Mobile health (mHealth) systems and apps: Design principles and examples
  • Chronic disease management and well-being using PHS good practice cases – Case studies
  • PHS: Health Technology Assessment, Regulatory and Useability Issues

COURSE EVALUATION: Homework (15%) - Mid-term exam (25%) – Individual project (30%) – Final exam (30%)