About the Program

Launch a robotics career through an intense curriculum, hands-on projects, and an industry-ready portfolio.

The future is bright for the cutting-edge field of robotics, which is forecasted to grow substantially over the next 20 years. Roboticists will be required to have expertise in computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and mathematics. This range of requirements often leaves a gap between an undergraduate’s abilities and the needs of industry.

The Master of Science in Robotics (MSR) program aims to bridge that knowledge and experience gap through its intense, hands-on approach to learning. Our graduates leave prepared for jobs with leading companies, for their own entrepreneurial adventures, or with a solid foundation for pursuing a PhD.

Flipping Pancakes in Robotics Class

Get a glimpse into the independent, hands-on coursework of an MSR student.

Bridging the Experience Gap

See how MSR prepares students for a challenging and evolving career.

Experiencing life as a robotics professional

Overcome the hurdles roboticists face through hands-on projects.

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Quick Facts

The basics at-a-glance

Degree earned: Master of Science in Robotics


Northwestern University’s Evanston campus

Easy access to Chicago’s downtown campus and the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

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12-15 months full-time (depending on optional summer internship)

Classes held weekdays, starting in September

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Class Size

Small cohort of 15-20 students

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Priority deadline:
February 1

Final deadline:
April 30

First consideration given to applications received by priority deadline

Application opens
September 15

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Dr. Malcom MaclverMSR Faculty

“ I've never interacted with a group of master’s students that were as ambitious and curious as those I find in the MSR program. So, prepare to be inspired and pushed by the work ethic and thoughtfulness of the other people in your program.”

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Felix WangMSR ’18

Research Assistant at MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

“ Potential employers love to see a portfolio of concrete project work, and MSR gives us just that. The project-based nature of the program gives us the chance to take classes and then apply what we learn in practice.”

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James SohnMSR ’19

“ Robotics is at the intersection of other core engineering subjects, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science...I'm looking forward to the MSR program giving me that training.”

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Lauren HutsonMSR '18

Robotics Software Engineer at Diligent Robotics

“ For me, the fact that the MSR program was robotics-specific was the main point of appeal. I wanted to work in the field of robotics and was looking for a program where I could learn robot specific skills like kinematics and dynamics and also pursue my interest in artificial intelligence.”

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Mario SebascoMSR '17

Robotics Engineer at HDT Global

“ I would definitely not be doing what I do today were it not for the MSR program and all the projects we worked on. I think the program did a great job of filling the gaps in my knowledge and made me more competent not only in my background in mechanical engineering but also in electrical engineering and computer science. Those three topics are the foundation of robotics engineering and I rely on them in order to do my job now.”

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Why Northwestern?

Unique program features

Our program is designed for passionate, problem-solving, and deeply curious professionals with the desire to work in robotics or artificial intelligence. While exposing students to a broad range of engineering and other disciplines, the rigor of our curriculum coupled with our hands-on, project-based work enables our graduates to chart their own career path and choose from the ever-growing options in this exciting field.

Robust Curriculum

Robust Curriculum

Develop sought-after robotics-relevant knowledge and experience in computer science, mathematics, and mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineering.

Collaborate with world-class faculty on work including swarm and aerial robotics, robotic manipulation, haptic interfaces, bio-inspired sensing and control, and prosthetics engineering.

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Invaluable Portfolio

Invaluable Portfolio

Gain hands-on experience working on cutting-edge Northwestern research projects and with other leading industrial program partners like the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.

Graduate with an indispensable project portfolio that demonstrates your experience, capabilities, and knowledge.

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Focused Cohort

Focused Cohort

Engage in a small cohort of like-minded students, which encourages peer-learning and the building of strong professional and social networks.

Benefit from the nimble nature of our program which allows for faculty to focus on developing students’ individual technical and professional skills.

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Career Outcomes

Career Outcomes

Students and alumni have been hired for internships and full-time positions across a wide array of companies including 3M, Apple, Auris Health, Boeing, Boston Dynamics, and Waymo.

Those with entrepreneurial spirits have been involved with startups, and still others have chosen to pursue a PhD at prestigious schools.

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Project Portfolios

View featured work created by the students in our program.

Our students develop an online portfolio showcasing the projects they’ve completed. The greatest benefit these portfolios create is the industry-ready tool the students use to share their work with potential employers or PhD programs.

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Inside Our Program

A woman demonstrating a vision test

Finding Hope in The After

Anna Garverick’s summer internship leaned on her MSR lessons to help bring joy and functionality back to stroke survivor Henry Evans.

Image of Yael Ben Shalom (MSR '21) and a quote "MSR's hands-on approach and project -based program helped me gain practical robotics experience, and those projects taught me new approaches that I used throughout my internship."

Using Robotics to Solve Farms' Labor Shortage

Yael Ben Shalom (MSR '21) talked about her summer internship with Augean Robotics and how the hands-on curriculum of Northwestern Engineering's Master of Science in Robotics (MSR) program prepared her to take a system from idea to proof of concept.

Self-balancing robot

Sir LanceBot Stays Upright

Current Master of Science in Robotics student Kojo Welbeck talked about building a self-balancing robot and what its success means for his future.

Ashlee Tiwari

The Road to Amazon Robotics

Ashlee Tiwari fielded job offers from some of the country’s top technology companies; her time in the MSR program helped make her choice obvious.

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