MSR Class of 2015

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Photo of Ji-hoon Kim

Ji-hoon Kim

Senior Software Engineer at Aurora

Photo of Austin Lawrence

Austin Lawrence

Technology Consultant at Austin Lawrence Systems Services

Photo of Chukwunyere Igbokwe

Chukwunyere Igbokwe

Founder at Something New

Photo of Mahdieh Nejati Javaremi

Mahdieh Nejati Javaremi

PhD Student at Northwestern, Research Assistant at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Photo of Athulya Simon

Athulya Simon

Postdoctoral Research Associate at UMass Amherst

Photo of Yue Sun

Yue Sun

PhD Student at University of Michigan

Photo of Andrew Turchina

Andrew Turchina

Engineering Manager at Grifols

Photo of Ritwik Ummalaneni

Ritwik Ummalaneni

Manager of Data Intelligence at Moon Surgical