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Student Organizations

The organizations below are specific to our department. Please visit the McCormick student organizations page for a comprehensive list of McCormick students groups and professional societies.

MatSci Club

MatSci Club serves the interests of materials science and engineering students and students in other majors with an interest in materials by organizing educational and social events, activity fairs, and outreach events. Membership is free.

Contact Information

President: Shannon Kollasch (shannonkollasch2019@u.northwestern.edu)
M.E.S.S. Outreach Coordinator: William Jeang (williamjeang2020@u.northwestern.edu)
Social Chair: Ben Warren (benjaminwarren2019@u.northwestern.edu)
Treasurer: Evan Guo (binghaoguo2019@u.northwestern.edu)

Subscribe to the MSCLUB listserv

Please do the following to subscribe:

  • The SUBSCRIBE command allows you to add yourself to a list.
  • Send a plain text email to listserv@listserv.it.northwestern.edu without any subject line.
  • Type the following command in the message: SUBSCRIBE MSCLUB Firstname Lastname

Material Advantage

Material Advantage provides a single low-cost membership ($25) that provides access to the materials science and engineering professional's most preeminent societies:

These professional societies have gathered all available resources to help students find financial assistance. Nearly $600,000 in scholarships and grants is available through societies, chapters, and foundations. Travel grants, paging opportunities, and reduced meeting rates are also available. Each society also has an online career center to help students find job and internship opportunities.

In addition to other benefits, student members are eligible for the publications included with individual membership in each society. Student members can also purchase archival journals and other publications from each society at special student rates.

Member Event Photos

Contact Information

Chair: Yvonne Chart (yvonnechart2019@u.northwestern.edu)
Vice Chair: Daniel Ng (danielng2019@u.northwestern.edu)
Secretary: Shaleahk Wilson (shaleahkwilson2020@u.northwestern.edu)
Treasurer: Evan Guo (binghaoguo2019@u.northwestern.edu)