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Teri Odom Named Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Odom will be honored this summer in Washington, D.C., and is part of a class spanning 24 scientific disciplines, recognized for their scientifically and socially distinguished achievements.
Feb 1, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Julio M. Ottino Selected for 2023 G.I. Taylor Medal

Awarded by the Society of Engineering Science, Ottino was recognized for “pioneering theoretical and experimental contributions to the fluid mechanics of mixing.”
Jan 23, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Vertical Electrochemical Transistor Pushes Wearable Electronics Forward

The electrochemical transistor is compatible with blood and water and can amplify important signals, making it especially useful for biomedical sensing.
Jan 19, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Muscle-powered Robots Have Freedom of Movement

Researchers said the hybrid “eBiobots” are the first to combine soft materials, living muscle, and microelectronics.
Jan 18, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Mature ‘Lab Grown’ Neurons Hold Promise for Neurodegenerative Disease

Northwestern-led researchers have created the first highly mature neurons from human induced pluripotent stem cells, a feat that opens new opportunities for medical research and potential transplantation therapies for neurodegenerative diseases and traumatic injuries.
Jan 12, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Chad Mirkin Receives King Faisal Prize for Work in Chemistry

Mirkin is the first Northwestern professor to win the most prestigious award in the Muslim world.
Jan 5, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Northwestern and MIT Receive Funding from Army’s Synthetic Biology Center

These awards are part of the Army’s recently established basic research center that applies synthetic biology to design advanced materials and to engineer environmental microbial communities.
Jan 5, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Variety in Enamel Composition May Predict Later Tooth Health

Professor Derk Joester mapped ions within human teeth and found significant structural differences between samples that may enhance understanding of enamel’s life cycle and impact on human health.
Dec 19, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Sharmila Mulligan Stresses Curiosity During Commencement Remarks

Mulligan spoke at the Saturday, December 10 PhD Hooding and Master’s Recognition Ceremony, telling graduates that curiosity is “the very basis of education.”
Dec 12, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Approach Optimizes Battery-Free Pacemaker Implantation

Led by Professor Igor Efimov, the research could eventually pave the way for smaller heart-saving devices, allowing them to be easier to use for human patients.
Nov 21, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Two Northwestern Faculty-led Teams Celebrate 2022 Chicago Innovation Awards

Illinois Wastewater Surveillance System and Epicore Biosystems are among the 20 most innovative products and services.
Nov 18, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Looking to the Future of Carbon Nanotube Transistors

In a review article published in the academic journal Science, Professor Mark Hersam looks at what’s next for the emerging technology and argues why it’s worthy of more research and investment.
Nov 18, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Search Committee Formed to Find New Dean of the McCormick School of Engineering

The individual chosen will succeed Julio M. Ottino, who will step down as dean at the end of the academic year.
Nov 16, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

McCormick Faculty Named Among Global ‘Highly Cited Researchers’ for 2022

The list identifies researchers who showed significant influence by publishing highly cited papers.
Nov 15, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Samuel Stupp Selected for Von Hippel Award

Stupp was chosen for pioneering contributions to the development and understanding of a broad range of molecularly designed supramolecular soft materials that function as bioactive scaffolds.
Nov 15, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News
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