MAT_SCI 381: Energy Materials

Quarter Offered

Winter : TTh 11-12:20 ; Dunand


MAT SCI 201 or 301, or consent of instructor


This course is a materials science approach to the challenge of energy-efficient technology. It introduces first the concept of materials energy content (production, processing, use and recycling), with students developing individually and in group case studies in this area. It then describes how advanced materials make possible efficient energy harvesting (e.g., solar cells, nuclear materials, hard materials for oil/gas recovery, composites for wind energy, thermoelectrics), energy transformation (e.g., fuel cells, light emitting diodes, engines and turbines) and energy storage (e.g., hydrogen storage, phase change materials). Finally, materials enabling energy-efficient transportation and housing will be discussed. The students will choose a subject related to the course on which they will write a term paper and give an oral presentation. Guest lecturers will be invited to describe their own area of specialization.

Textbook: None required