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Performance Excellence, Northwestern's annual performance review process, is conducted for all non-research staff positions. While the program helps you accomplish your goals, it also encourages leaders and their teams to set priorities for what needs to be accomplished and how things might be done. This results in greater workplace effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement.

Important Dates: FY24 Annual Review

Staff: Self-Reviews completed by May 31, 2024:
In myHR Learn, the staff member enters comments that state their contributions in the past year, as well as areas they need to improve and progress toward annual goals.
Resources for Staff

Manager: Year-End Performance Ratings completed by June 10,2024:
The manager assigns a performance rating in myHR Learn for each staff member. The ratings are used as input into merit decisions, and to better understand recognition and talent development opportunities. When completed, click Next and then close the page (it will save automatically), but do not click Release button.
Performance ratings should not be communicated to staff during this step.
Supervisor PEX Job Aid
Performance Rating Guidance
Manager: Performance Reviews completed by June 28, 2024:
The manager prepares staff performance review by responding to stated goals and providing comments reflecting accomplishments and strengths, as well as identifying areas for improvement. When completed, click Next and then close the review (it will save automatically), but do not click Release button.
Resources for Supervisors
Manager & Staff: Year-End Review Conversation completed by July 19, 2024:
Once both staff self-review and manager review are entered in the online system, manager and staff member will meet to discuss performance and final year end rating. It is at this meeting that the manager's comments will be reviewed. Additional changes may be made to the review document, as necessary. Note that performance ratings cannot be changed.
REAL Conversation Framework
Manager: Submission of final review in myHR by July 31, 2024:
The manager enters final changes to review. Click Next button to update changes, then click Release to submit the performance review in myHR Learn and make visible to employee.
Technical Job Aids
Staff: Accept final review in myHR Learn by August 9, 2024:
Staff confirm the final review in myHR Learn and, when ready, fill in check box acknowledging receipt and then click Finalize to close the PEX process for FY24.
Navigating Performance Excellence Year-end in myHR learn



A year-round conversation

Performance Excellence, our annual performance management experience, is a vital part of how you perform and grow.

Performance Development

What is Performance Excellence?

Northwestern’s Performance Excellence is a year-round experience driven by staff members and supervisors, to support individual performance and development and help teams, departments and the University become stronger and more effective.  Activities such as goal-setting, check-ins, and performance reviews are structured across three phases and involve both offline conversations and online tracking and recording. 

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Understanding the Phases

Performance Excellence is a year-round experience that is structured into the three phases listed below.

Set Goals

Setting goals at the beginning of the performance year can promote focus and ensure the alignment of your work to the goals of your school or unit.

Performance Excellence incorporates the SIMple goal-setting process that encourages supervisors and staff to jointly set two to four goals that are Specific, Important and Meaningful.

Enhance Performance

Throughout the year, staff members and their supervisors are mutually accountable for enhancing performance, supported by conversations, feedback and coaching.

Staff members are primary owners of their learning, performance and career, while supervisors inspire, guide and help remove the barriers – whether external or internal – that stand in the way of learning, performance and fulfillment.

Review Results

Understanding your strengths and where you stand is important. Knowing this sparks continued growth and development.

At year-end, Performance Excellence features a straightforward process in myHR Learn, utilizing a simplified rating framework and tools for supporting a performance review conversation focused on growth and development.