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2023 Recipient

Paloma Lee, MEAS ‘25
Research Topic: Investigating the effect of Niobium-doping on the optoelectronic properties of SI@WS2
Advisor: Vinayak Dravid

2022 Recipient

Rohan Luthra, MEAS ‘25
Research Topic: Reducing lasing thresholds by optimizing the development of moiré nanoparticle arrays
Advisor: Teri Odom

2021 Recipient

Carolyn Harms, MEAS 2023
Research Topic: Spectroscopy Techniques for the Identification and Characterization of Nanoplastics
Advisor: Vinayak Dravid

2019 Recipients

Paul Brown, Class of 2021
Research Topic: Sensitization of Encapsulated Black Phosphorus Using Long-Range Energy Transfer
Advisor: Mark Hersam

Joshua Roan, Class of 2020
Research Topic: Developing new biomaterials for tissue regeneration
Advisor: Samuel Stupp

2018 Recipients

William Jeang, Class of 2019
Research Topic: Single-implant, wireless optogenetic biosensing platform for real-time brain activity monitoring.
Advisor: John Rogers

Elizabeth Jensen, Class of 2021
Research Topic: Improving imaging techniques for non-invasive analysis of pigments in paintings.
Advisors:  Ken Shull, Marc Walton

2017 Recipients

Ben Laning, Class of 2019
Research Topic: Solid Acid Fuel Cells
Advisor: Sossina Haile

Grace Young, Class of 2019
Research Topic: Integrating Thermal Flow Sensors Into Microfluidic Sweat Devices For Continuous Sweat-Rate Measurement
Advisor: John Rogers

2016 Recipients

Ryan Franks, Class of 2019
Research Topic: selective adsorption of DNA-grafted colloids on various surfaces
Advisor: Erik Luijten

Binghao (Evan) Guo, Class of 2019
Research Topic: Magnetic Nanostructure-Hydrogel Composites for 3D Printing Applications
Advisor:  Vinayak Dravid

2015 Recipients

David Chae, Class of 2017
Research Topic: Plasmonic Interactions in CVD-grown 2D Dichalcogenides
Advisor: Vinayak Dravid

Gregory Mulderink, Class of 2017
Research Topic: Argon-etching of Black Phosphorus
Advisor: Mark Hersam

2014 Recipients

Zhou (Angelina) Lu, class of 2016
Research Topic: A Hybrid Solution to Transparent Conducting Films that Combines Metal Oxide and Nanomaterial Approaches
Advisor: Tobin Marks

Yang Yu, class of 2016
Research Topic: Transition Metal Sulfides as Energy Materials: Redox Reaction Energies in a GGA+U Framework
Advisor: Christopher Wolverton

2013 Recipients

Jianting He, class of 2015
Research Topic: Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Top Gate Dielectrics for Graphene Transistors
Advisor: Mark Hersam

Spencer Park, class of 2016
Research Topic: CVD Growth of 2D MoS2
Advisor: Lincoln Lauhon

Kelsey Jorgensen, class of 2015
Research Topic: Investigation of the Binary Join of the Transparent Conducting Oxides GITO and ZITO 
Advisor: Thomas Mason

Peter Santos, class of 2015 
Research Topic: Synthesis, Self-assembly and Photovoltaic Applications of a DPP-Tripod Donor Small Molecule 
Advisor: Samuel Stupp

2012 Recipients

Rachel Wang, class of 2015 
Research Topic: Solar Cell Construction & Design of Cartoons Advocating Use of Solar Energy
Advisor: RPH Chang

Julija Vinckeviciute, class of 2014
Research Topic: Computational Materials Science - Deriving Empirical Potentials for the Ni-Al System, which Forms the Core Binary of Ni-based Superalloys.
Advisor: Christopher Wolverton