MAT_SCI 456: Functional Metamaterials

Quarter Offered

None ;


Mat Sci 405, or the equivalent


Metamaterials are ordered composite materials with electronic, optical, and magnetic properties distinct from those of the component ¿building blocks'. Their unusual properties can often be derived by considering how waves (electrons, phonons, photons) interact with heterogeneous materials whose structure varies with a periodicity comparable to the wavelength. In this graduate survey course, we will discuss the structure, properties, and applications of metamaterials including photonic bandgap materials, negative index materials, digital alloys, and quantum dot crystals. For more developed materials, emphasis will be placed on quantitative understanding and simple modeling of structure-property relationships. For less developed materials and approaches, we will develop qualitative judgments of the potential for further development and applications.

Textbook: There will be no required textbook. Readings from various textbooks and the research literature will be assigned.