MAT_SCI 416: Kinetics

This course is not currently offered.


MSE 401 or consent of the instructor


Principles of irreversible thermodynamics; Driving forces and fluxes for diffusion; Diffusion in the presence of stress; Diffusion from electrical potential gradients, thermal gradients, and capillarity effects; The Diffusion equation; Methods of solution to diffusion equation; Diffusion in multicomponent solids; Thermally activated jump processes; Diffusion resulting from discrete jumps; Diffusion in crystals; Diffusion along crystal imperfections; Diffusion in noncrystalline solids (liquids, amorphous metals, small solutes in glassy polymers); Diffusion of polymer chains.

Textbook: "Kinetic Processes in Materials," by R. W. Balluffi, S. M. Allen, and W. Craig Carter (Wiley-VCH).