MAT_SCI 357: Nanomagnetic Materials for Information Storage

Quarter Offered

Fall ;


All of us use computers containing hard disk drives, but my guess would be that most of you have not thought about the nanoscale materials from which the various components are made, or the vast amount of materials science that goes into choosing the materials. The aim of this course is to provide an overview of the materials currently in use in magnetic data storage, together with an overview of the recording and read processes. Further this course will give the student enough background in magnetism and magnetic materials to understand WHY particular materials are favored. The course will also briefly overview other information storage systems such as optical, solid-state and probe storage. The course is not quantum-mechanical in outlook as this is not really necessary to explain the materials choices, and the main theoretical background will be to arrive at an understanding of the four energy terms that control the properties of magnetic materials when they are patterned at the nanoscale. Magnetic device sizes are fast becoming smaller than the limit for semiconductor devices and this places considerable challenges on the materials systems that can be used.

Required Class Materials:

J P Jakubovics, Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (2nd Ed., The Institute of Metals) ISBN: 978-0901716545 ¿D Jiles, Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (2nd Ed., Chapman and Hall)