The MSR program concentrates on building experience with implementation of both hardware and software systems.The MSR program concentrates on building experience with implementation of both hardware and software systems.

Curriculum Requirements

The program requires four quarters of enrollment in four course units each quarter for a total of sixteen units, earned by completion of the following requirements. Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

Traditional Coursework

Project Requirements

Program Schedule At-A-Glance

Academic Quarter Traditional Course Units Project Course Units Project Work Responsibilities
1st Quarter 4 0 Determine Independent Project for the following quarter
2nd Quarter 3 1 Complete Independent Project; Faculty advisor matching for Final Project
3rd Quarter 3 1 Complete one unit of Final Project work with advisor
4th Quarter 0 4* Complete Final Project in either summer or fall

* During the final, full-time project quarter MSR staff may enroll students in only 3 course units. With 3 units students are still considered full-time, and tuition rates are unaffected.

Traditional Coursework

Required Courses (3)

For those students with no experience in Lagrangian dynamics, ME 314: Theory of Machines—Dynamics is strongly recommended.

Elective Courses (7)

Electives are chosen under the advisement of program directors Todd Murphey and Matthew Elwin.

See examples of courses that can be taken as electives

Project Requirements

All students enroll in one credit of ME 499 in both Winter and Spring quarters as they fulfill project requirements.

All project work must be documented in the student's online project portfolio.

Independent Project

(worth 1 course)

In the winter quarter, students complete this independent, standalone project under the advisement of Matthew Elwin, who works with students during the fall quarter to develop a satisfactory project idea.

Final Project

(worth 5 courses)

During the winter quarter, students are matched with MSR faculty to act as advisors for the remainder of their Final Project. In the spring quarter, students begin working with their advisor to prepare for their final quarter of project work. 

The final quarter of project work occurs in the summer quarter immediately after the student has completed all other course requirements. If the student chooses to participate in a summer internship they will return to complete this requirement during the following fall quarter. By the end of the quarter, the student must complete all requirements established by their adviser and all project work is reviewed to ensure proper documentation.

Project Portfolios

Based on projects completed as part of the program, students create a detailed online project portfolio. These portfolios may be used for evaluating student performance in courses, and provide the student with an ideal tool to showcase their work for potential employers or PhD programs.

All project work becomes documented in the student's online project portfolio.