Engineering Management Minor Program

Students enrolled in McCormick’s full-time master’s programs have the option of choosing a major in their home department and one of the minors currently available. By choosing a minor that is complementary to their major field, students can enhance their credentials and marketability. Students choosing this option will receive a degree in their major field and a notation of the minor on their transcript.

One particularly popular combination is a major in any engineering field with a three-course minor in engineering management, or EM Minor, offered through the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) Program within the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences.

Students must earn a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 in their EM Minor courses to earn the EM Minor award.  The EM Minor consists of taking a total of 3 credits:

  • Two required course credits as indicated below.
  • A one-credit elective course OR two half-credit elective courses chosen from the list below*. 

Required Courses (2 Credit Hours)

Elective Courses (1 credit hour)

*NOTE: The MEM program, at the discretion of the director, can update the elective course list as new courses are added to the MEM curriculum. No outside course substitutions will be allowed.

Enrollment Considerations:

  • Each course is subject to availability 
  • Students must have approval from their departmental advisor to participate in the EM Minor program 
  • Students must complete a post-calculus, probability, and statistics course before starting the EM minor program. 
  • EM minor students may only enroll in one MEM course each quarter and space is limited 
  • MEM students are given enrollment priority in MEM courses 

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Application to Program:

To apply, please fill out the Engineering Management Minor Program Application. This application must be reviewed and signed by your advisor. Once completed, the application must then be submitted by clicking on the SUBMIT APPLICATION HERE button below and following the instructions.  

*We are currently accepting applications for students to start the EM minor program in Fall 2024. The deadline is September 2, 2024. Applications must be fully completed and submitted by the deadline to be considered. Students will receive decisions approximately two weeks after the application deadline. 

We will re-open the application in October for applicants that want to start in the Winter 2025 quarter.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the engineering management minor option, please email the Master of Engineering Management program.