Optional Concentrations & Programs

Students may attain an optional concentration in Healthcare Systems, Managerial Analytics, Product Management, or Project and Process Management by choosing appropriate courses as indicated below. Courses taken to meet concentration requirements cannot be applied to two separate areas of concentration.

Students may count non-MEM elective courses from other programs toward a concentration, with approval. A list of previously approved non-MEM elective courses is provided; other choices must be approved individually by the MEM Director.

Approved Non-MEM Electives from Other Programs

The most frequently chosen elective courses from MEM and related programs are categorized by concentration below and require no additional approval.

Healthcare Systems Engineering (4 Courses)

Managerial Analytics (3 Courses)

Product Management (3 Courses)

Project and Process Management (3 Courses)


NUvention, a course series focused on creating new businesses/startups, teaches the processes used by entrepreneurs in the creation of robust business models and concepts. Courses are taught by experienced entrepreneurs in a variety of fields, including:

These courses are available to MEM students (application may be required for certain offerings) as well as the university at large, bringing together students from a variety of disciplines. This creates a unique environment for business development through a collaboration of diverse skills sets.