MEM 416: Business Process Change Management

This course is not currently offered.


Today's business processes are often complex and multi-disciplinary in nature. Most business processes are often sub-optimized for the purposes of meeting the needs of the functional organization and/or its management structure rather than the true needs of the customers or of the business itself. This course emphasizes the "systems" approach to taking a holistic view of the needs of the business and how they are fulfilled by the processes, systems and resources within the organization with an eye towards achieving globally optimal solutions that meet or exceed the needs of the business while leveraging and combining human resources, capital assets and optimized business processes.

This course is intended to be an overview of the field of change management and business process re-engineering. This course will equip the student to understand complex change management programs, how to define them, how to measure them and how to successfully implement them across the enterprise. This course will help students determine when such interventions are needed and how they are best applied. From a theory perspective, this course will leverage the fields of decision management, organizational development, socio-technical systems and action research. The text will be heavily supplemented with cases, materials and outside the classroom experiences including field research, data collection and real life business process re-engineering. Approximately 40% of the grade will be based on projects and experiences outside the classroom.

Sample Syllabus