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Student Advisory Board Profiles

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) was founded in 2013 to be the voice of the Master of Engineering Management students. The SAB is responsible for hosting monthly networking events, social events, competitions, and workshops.


Photo of Vilin Hegde

Responsibilities Include: MEMPC outreach, promotion of the MEM program and Student Advisory Board activities, building of Student Advisory Board, MEM current student and alumni interaction.

Photo of Danielle Barillas

Danielle Barillas

Vice Chair
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Responsibilities Include: Coordinate activities across the board working together with the other board members

Photo of Vinayak Vijay Talikoti

Vinayak Vijay Talikoti

Finance Chair
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Responsibilities Include: Manage annual budget and finances for SAB events and activities

Photo of Shivangi Singh

Shivangi Singh

Communications Chair
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Responsibilities Include: Organize networking and social events for current students and alumni