MEM 414: Supply Chain Management

Quarter Offered

Winter ; Professor Shafique


Statistics and MEM 407 Decision Tools for Managers


Supply chain management has become increasingly important in recent years and critical for achieving a competitive advantage. At the same time, much of the US economy has transitioned from manufacturing to services. This course will cover state-of-the-art approaches to analyzing key issues in supply chain management and service operations. Problem areas to be examined include: location analysis, inventory management, vehicle routing, personnel scheduling and management, multi-objective analysis, and scenario planning. Emphasis will be given to real world examples and applications as well as the development of modeling skills. Extensive use will be made of EXCEL as a modeling environment.

Learning Objectives:
1. To introduce students to the development of mathematical modeling and solution tools for logistics and service operations management.
2. To teach students to use these tools to analyze strategic, tactical, and operational decisions including facility location, vehicle routing, and inventory management.
3. To engage students in case studies based on real world logistics and service operations decisions.

Sample Syllabus