MEM 420: Organizing for Innovation

Quarter Offered

Fall : Saturday / 9am - 12pm (on campus) ; Professor Sorice


Companies must grow to survive over the long term.  Innovation is the lifeblood of growth in corporations and startups.  But innovation is arguably the most difficult thing an organization can try to do.  And the challenge of innovative growth is getting more complicated.  Product companies are adding software services.  Service companies are adding products.  Value in the marketplace is moving from products or services to ecosystems.  As ecosystems define value in a marketplace, the profit pool can redistribute creating new winners and losers.  How does the emergence of ecosystems change how we organize for innovation?  What are the toolsets of innovation that a modern ecosystem participant needs to master?  How can an enterprise develop a portfolio of innovation investments and effectively execute programs to realize profitable growth?  This course is intended to provide a working understanding of the toolsets and structures that support profitable growth through managing an innovation portfolio.

Sample Syllabus