MEM 490: Product Management for Digital Transformation

Quarter Offered

Winter : Tuesday / 6:30pm - 9:30pm (on campus) ; Professor Lai


Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, helping organizations change, operate, and evolve how they deliver value to customers. Embracing new technologies like big data, IoT and machine learning as well as the introduction of digital technologies in product development and design can help companies digitalize their business through enhancing customer experience, innovation on new pricing and business models, improving partner and supplier relationships, and optimizing cost factors.

In order to align these new digital assets to drive value in physical products, services, and process while creating a seamless “end user” experience, companies need to have product owners that are dedicated and qualified to drive these transformation initiatives.  This course will focus on real life examples showing you how the introduction of a digital first mindset impacts individual companies and businesses.  It will focus on what the role of a product manager or product owner has in driving these initiatives and how we can apply these practices as we look at roadmap development, business models, innovation, go to market strategies, and vision creation. 

Students will be required to study and analyze a variety of case studies from HBSP.  Additional reading material will include articles and research from other publications.  There will be a required group project/presentation element to the course requirements alongside weekly written assignments and class participation.

This course will include guest lecturers representing executive level industry experts and innovators who will provide real-world case studies and experiences, to enhance the curriculum.

Watch Professor Lai's Webinar from May 2022: Digital Transformation and Product Management

Sample Syllabus