MEM 402: Engineering Management

Quarter Offered

Fall : Monday / 3pm - 6pm (on campus) (Open to EM Minors) OR Monday / 6:30pm - 9:30pm (hybrid) (Open to EM Minors) ; Professor Hernandez
Winter : Monday / 6:30pm - 9:30pm (Open to EM Minors) ; Professor Semb


This course will expose students to a business laboratory environment.  During the course, students will be given the opportunity to integrate their understanding of the various business disciplines by developing a business plan and executing the plan over several simulated years of competition utilizing a computerized business simulation. The course will introduce students to topics discussed in other courses in the MEM curriculum.

During the competition, teams of students will compete in a dynamic marketplace for market share and profitability. During each round of competition, teams must synthesize decisions across the functional areas of the business: marketing, research & development, production, distribution, and finance. Get ready to have some fun, make some mistakes, and be a better business-person because of it!

Sample Syllabus