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Professor Daniel Abrams uses applied mathematics to investigate complex systems – and a diverse array of intriguing topics.
Mar 17, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Gwynne Shotwell Receives Prestigious Washington Award

The award is conferred annually upon an engineer whose attainments have promoted the well-being of humanity.
Mar 13, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

McCormick Student Receives New Scholarship to Spur Innovation

Jun Yamasaki was named a 2023 Quad Fellow, part of an initiative of the governments of Australia, India, Japan, and United States designed to build ties among the next generation of scientists and technologists.
Mar 2, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Daniel Abrams Named NICO Codirector

An expert on nonlinear dynamics, mathematical geoscience, and the physics of social systems, Abrams will succeed Professor Luís A.N. Amaral on February 1.
Jan 27, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Julio M. Ottino Selected for 2023 G.I. Taylor Medal

Awarded by the Society of Engineering Science, Ottino was recognized for “pioneering theoretical and experimental contributions to the fluid mechanics of mixing.”
Jan 23, 2023|from Northwestern Engineering News

Sharmila Mulligan Stresses Curiosity During Commencement Remarks

Mulligan spoke at the Saturday, December 10 PhD Hooding and Master’s Recognition Ceremony, telling graduates that curiosity is “the very basis of education.”
Dec 12, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Two Northwestern Faculty-led Teams Celebrate 2022 Chicago Innovation Awards

Illinois Wastewater Surveillance System and Epicore Biosystems are among the 20 most innovative products and services.
Nov 18, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Search Committee Formed to Find New Dean of the McCormick School of Engineering

The individual chosen will succeed Julio M. Ottino, who will step down as dean at the end of the academic year.
Nov 16, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

How an ESAM Graduate Applies Math to COVID-19 Transmission

Josh Levy (PhD ’21) uses skills learned at Northwestern to track the coronavirus.
Aug 16, 2022

Collaborative Research Shows Good Bacteria Can Be Protected in Fight Against Infections

An interdisciplinary team of Northwestern engineers led by Danielle Tullman-Ercek combined synthetic biology, computational modeling, and molecular-scale simulation to study how changes in the geometry of bacterial microcompartments can influence their function.
Jul 5, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Latonia Harris Encourages Master’s, PhD Graduates to Honor Their Supporters

Harris and Dean Julio M. Ottino spoke during the 2022 PhD Hooding and Master’s Degree Recognition Ceremony on June 12, where they discussed the value of education and perseverance.
Jun 13, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Annette Rippert Encourages Graduating Seniors to Use Power of Change

Rippert and Dean Julio M. Ottino spoke at the 2022 Undergraduate Convocation on June 12 and implored graduates to use their skills to improve the world.
Jun 13, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Stephen Davis’s Memory Present at Symposium in his Honor

Cambridge’s Grae Worster delivered the keynote address at the 2022 Stephen H. Davis Symposium, and Northwestern Engineering’s Michael Miksis and Peter Voorhees recited Davis’s extensive contributions to research and the University.
Jun 1, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

How Fast-Growing Algae Could Enhance Growth of Food Crops

A team including Professor Niall Mangan and researchers from Princeton University used computer modeling to identify the necessary features to support enhanced carbon fixation by an organelle called the pyrenoid, found in green algae, providing a blueprint for engineering this structure into crop plants.
May 19, 2022|from Northwestern Engineering News

Hermann Riecke Named Chair of the Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics

Building on the work of his predecessors, Riecke is looking to continue furthering ESAM’s connections across Northwestern.
May 4, 2022
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