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Installing LaTeX Packages in a Local texmf Tree

By default, TeX looks for files in three different texmf trees, in the order:

  1. the root tree in /usr/share. Only administrators have permissions to write files here, but even in your own distributions you should not put anything here because an update of the distribution will replace this entire tree.
  2. the local tree in /usr/local/share. This is the place to install files for all local users so that they are not affected by updates. Only administrators can put files here.
  3. your personal tree in ~ (your home directory). Since the home directories are mounted, this tree will be available on every department computer. You should install packages here.

Creating A Local Tree

TeX looks for a particular directory structure, so create the following directories:

$ mkdir -p ~/texmf/tex/latex

$ mkdir -p ~/texmf/doc/latex

$ mkdir -p ~/texmf/fonts

Usually, package files should be installed in the portion of the tree corresponding to their file extension:

~/texmf/tex/latex/<packagename> .sty, .cls, .fd
~/texmf/doc/latex/<packagename> documentation in.dvi, .ps, .pdf
~/texmf/fonts/tfm/<suplier>/<fontname>/ .tfm
~/texmf/fonts/vf/<suplier>/<fontname>/ .vf
~/texmf/fonts/afm/<suplier>/<fontname>/ .afm
~/texmf/fonts/type1/<suplier>/<fontname>/ .pfb
~/texmf/fonts/truetype/<suplier>/<fontname>/ .ttf

Installing New Packages

  1. Obtain the latest source version (.tar.gz) of the package and of any dependencies
  2. Create the folder ~/texmf/tex/latex/<packagename> and extract all of the package files there. If the package includes special fonts or documentation, put them in the corresponding tree locations.
  3. Finally, rebuild TeX's filename database from the shell prompt: $ texhash

If you work on several department computers, you will have to run texhash on each machine after a package installation.

NU Thesis 

A Latex class file that satisfies the graduate schools requirements for the PhD thesis format is provided below:

Save the nuthesis.cls file in the directory in which you are editing your thesis and use the nuthesis-template.tex file as a starting point for your own thesis.