Graduate Students

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Ph.D. Students

Photo of Andre Archer

Andre Archer

Phone: 847-467-1584
Office: Tech M449
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Photo of Colton Bryant

Colton Bryant

Phone: 847-467-5760
Office: Tech M451
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Using a chimera grid scheme to study particles confined to fluid interfaces.

Photo of Deirdre Edward

Deirdre Edward

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Photo of Biyi Fang

Biyi Fang

Phone: 847-467-1754
Office: Tech M459
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Neural networks, algorithms and optimization. 
Photo of Amirhossein Farzam

Amirhossein Farzam

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Photo of Lionel Fiske

Lionel Fiske

Phone: 847-467-5017
Office: Tech M447
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Gradient detection and planar cell polarity in the Drosophila imaginal eye disc.

Photo of Jithin Donny George

Jithin Donny George

Office: Tech M426
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Photo of Zoey Hou

Zoey Hou

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Photo of Addison Howe

Addison Howe

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Photo of Yi Hu

Yi Hu

Phone: 847-467-0853
Office: Tech M461
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Simulations of particle structuring driven by electric fields on spherical drop surface.

Photo of Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Phone: 847-467-1441
Office: Tech M457
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Using Multi-Objective Optimization to Agnostically Develop Genetic-Neuronal Models of Drosophila Clock Neurons.

Photo of Avinash Karamchandani

Avinash Karamchandani

Phone: 847-467-0512
Office: Tech M412
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A minimal-model perpective of emergent phenomena in a network of coupled mixed-mode oscillators motived by a neural network in the mammalian olfactory system.

Photo of Sho Kawakami

Sho Kawakami

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Photo of Carter Koehler

Carter Koehler

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Photo of Joshua  Levy

Joshua Levy

Phone: 847-467-0860
Office: Tech M455
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Analysis of temperature processing and behavioral response in Drosophila

Photo of Hanqing Li

Hanqing Li

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Photo of Tao Li

Tao Li

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Photo of Sungsoo Lim

Sungsoo Lim

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Photo of Siqi Liu

Siqi Liu

Office: Tech M426
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A mechanical atlas for gastrulation in the ascidian embryo.
Photo of Xinyi Liu

Xinyi Liu

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Photo of Thomas Lynn

Thomas Lynn

Phone: 847-467-5760
Office: Tech M451
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Impact of non-orthogonal axes on the mixing of a hemispherical piecewise isometry representing the infinitely thin flowing layer approximation of a granular mixing system.

Photo of Alex Mercanti

Alex Mercanti

Phone: 847-467-4842
Office: Tech M445
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I study symmetry in complex networks.

Photo of David Miller

David Miller

Phone: 847-467-4862
Office: Tech M445
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Photo of Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

Office: Tech M459
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Gene network reconstruction methods, graph theory.

Photo of Liam O'Connor

Liam O'Connor

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Photo of Tom Overman

Tom Overman

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Photo of Connor Puritz

Connor Puritz

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Photo of Bennet Sakelaris

Bennet Sakelaris

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Photo of Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

Phone: 847-467-0853
Office: Tech M461
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Decomposing biomedical data into components and groups for analysis. More specificly, using Bayesian statistics in order to compute the Tucker decomposition of tensors.

Photo of Brita Schneiders

Brita Schneiders

Phone: 847-467-8783
Office: Tech M410
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I work on a computational model of the CA1 pyramidal cell, featuring calcium buffering dynamics and simulated GCaMP6 fluorescence throughout dendrites and spines.

Photo of Thomas Stiadle

Thomas Stiadle

Office: Tech M426
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I am studying cyclic population dynamics models on two-dimensional domains using systems of reaction-diffusion integro-partial differential equations.
Photo of Richard Suhendra

Richard Suhendra

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Photo of Shigeng Sun

Shigeng Sun

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Photo of Kumar Utkarsh

Kumar Utkarsh

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Photo of Angelia Wang

Angelia Wang

Phone: 847-467-5760
Office: Tech M451
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A computational model of how reward-based training and granule cell inhibition enhance sensory decorrelation in the olfactory bulb.

Photo of Shuyang Wang

Shuyang Wang

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Photo of Zihao Wang

Zihao Wang

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Photo of Maria Warns

Maria Warns

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Photo of Xize Xu

Xize Xu

Phone: 847-467-1441
Office: Tech M457
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Model of matching of orientation preference in the mouse visual cortex.

Photo of Emma Zajdela

Emma Zajdela

Office: Tech M426
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Developing data-driven mathematical models to understand the mechanisms of scientific collaboration, particularly in regions of conflict, and the effectiveness of conferences at generating new collaborations.
Photo of Ziyu Zhao

Ziyu Zhao

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Photo of April Zhi Zhou

April Zhi Zhou

Office: Tech M426
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M.S. Students

Photo of Xinyue He

Xinyue He

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Photo of Adithi Jagannadhan

Adithi Jagannadhan

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Photo of Erin Neil

Erin Neil

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Photo of Timothy Sanchirico

Timothy Sanchirico

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Photo of Tess Vogel

Tess Vogel

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