Graduate Students

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PhD Students

Photo of Ethan Baxter

Ethan Baxter

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Photo of Colton Bryant

Colton Bryant

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Using an overset grid scheme to study the dynamics of particles confined to fluid interfaces. (Advisors: David Chopp and Michael Miksis)

Photo of Christina Catlett

Christina Catlett

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Photo of Nan Ding

Nan Ding

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Photo of Deirdre Edward

Deirdre Edward

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Photo of Gonzalo Ferrandez Quinto

Gonzalo Ferrandez Quinto

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Photo of Jingting Gao

Jingting Gao

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Design of computer simulations with probability and applied analysis (Advisor: Chang-Han Rhee).
Photo of Ruoming Gong

Ruoming Gong

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Nonlinear analysis and math modeling with application in astrophysics and social systems (Advisor: Daniel M. Abrams)

Photo of Zoey Ho

Zoey Ho

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Photo of Addison Howe
Dynamics of cell differentiation in the gastrulating mouse embryo (Advisor: Madhav Mani)
Photo of Benjamin Hyatt

Benjamin Hyatt

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Achieving efficient and robust numerical simulations of astrophysical and geophysical fluid flows via numerical analysis of timestepping stability in spectral methods (Advisor: Daniel Lecoanet)
Photo of Sho Kawakami

Sho Kawakami

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Investigation of motility and shape fluctuations of droplets containing active particles. (Advisor: Petia Vlahovska)
Photo of Hanqing Li

Hanqing Li

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My research is about deep learning, neural networks, focused on computer vision and natural language processing (Advisor: Diego Klabjan).
Photo of Tao Li

Tao Li

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Use physics-inspired or machine learning methods to describe dynamics of gene expressions, such as under the condition of aging or small environmental variations. (Advisor: Madhav Mani)
Photo of Sungsoo Lim

Sungsoo Lim

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I work on machine learning applications in health care and autonomous parking. I recently completed a project on implementation and application of Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) to feature acquisition with focus on medical diagnosis application. I am currently working on development and implementation of federated MCTS with application to autonomous parking (Advisor: Diego Klabjan).
Photo of Xinyi Liu

Xinyi Liu

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Mathematical modelling of tissue deformation appearing in the esophageal diseases using continuum mechanics theories, dynamical systems theory and numerical simulations. (Advisor: Neelesh Patankar).
Photo of Maximilian Mattessich

Maximilian Mattessich

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Statistical modelling of biological systems from sequence data, focusing on machine learning and maximum entropy models.(Advisor: Rosemary Braun)
Photo of Siqiao Mu

Siqiao Mu

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My research involves designing and analyzing algorithms at the intersections of reinforcement learning, federated learning, and nonconvex optimization (Advisor: Diego Klabjan).

Photo of Sophia Nelson

Sophia Nelson

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(Advisor: Neelesh Patankar)
Photo of Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen

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Gene network reconstruction methods, graph theory (Advisor: Diego Klabjan).

Photo of Liam O'Connor

Liam O'Connor

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Nonlinear optimization of physics-based simulations (Advisor: Daniel Lecoanet)

Photo of Tom Overman

Tom Overman

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I design and analyze machine learning algorithms with a focus on federated learning (Advisor: Diego Klabjan).
Photo of Mingjie Pei

Mingjie Pei

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(Advisor: David Chopp)
Photo of Connor Puritz

Connor Puritz

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Modeling and analysis of single cell RNA sequencing data (Advisor: Rosemary Braun).
Photo of Noah Roselli

Noah Roselli

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Designing computer vision models and algorithms to detect, locate, and specify degraded tissue states in medical imaging of the urethra. Mapping gene expression and modeling physical behavior to understand underlying mechanics in different esophageal disease phenotypes (Advisor: Neelesh Patankar).
Photo of Michael Rushka

Michael Rushka

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Photo of Bennet Sakelaris
Using modeling approaches to investigate the neural basis of learning and memory, specifically by exploring the mechanisms and properties of the olfactory system (Advisor: Hermann Riecke).
Photo of Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

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Decomposing biomedical data into components and groups for analysis. More specificly, using Bayesian statistics in order to compute the Tucker decomposition of tensors (Advisor: Diego Klabjan).

Photo of Aaron Scheiner

Aaron Scheiner

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Mathematical modeling of firefly (P. malaccae) synchronization built on a framework of nonlinear dynamics and coupled oscillators. Developing computer vision algorithms for tracking the identities and flashing patterns of individual fireflies in a swarm (Advisor: Daniel Abrams).
Photo of Elisheva Siegfried

Elisheva Siegfried

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Photo of Divjyot Singh

Divjyot Singh

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Photo of Richard Suhendra

Richard Suhendra

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Mathematical modeling of fruit fly navigation and behaviour (Advisor: William Kath, Marco Gallio).
Photo of Shigeng Sun
Developing optimization algorithms with applications in Machine Learning and simulation-based problems under the supervision of Prof.Jorge Nocedal (Advisor: Jorge Nocedal).
Photo of Kumar Utkarsh

Kumar Utkarsh

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I develop mathematical models to understand pain crisis events in Sickle Cell Disease. The modelling approach draws from Stochastic Processes, Dynamical Systems and Machine Learning. (Advisor: Daniel Abrams)
Photo of Solomon Valore-Caplan

Solomon Valore-Caplan

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Photo of Shuyang Wang

Shuyang Wang

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Photo of Maria Warns

Maria Warns

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Mathematical modeling of wastewater networks for uncertainty quantification. (Advisors: Niall Mangan, Aaron Packman)
Photo of Yifan Zhang

Yifan Zhang

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(Advisor: Niall Mangan)
Photo of Shuozhen Zhao

Shuozhen Zhao

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Numerical simulation and asymptotic analysis of nonlinear electrodynamics across a biomembrane. (Advisors: Petia Vlahovska and Michael Miksis)
Photo of Ziyu Zhao

Ziyu Zhao

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Using dynamical system modeling and statistical tools to infer adaptation rates of fatbody RNAs in fruit files due to transient temperature changes, and construct gene regulatory networks of temperature-mediated responses associated with the circadian system. (Advisors: Bill Kath, Rosemary Braun)

Photo of Haley Zsoldos

Haley Zsoldos

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(Advisors: Michael Miksis and Petia Vlahovska)

MS Students

Photo of Ria D'Souza

Ria D'Souza

Photo of Yash Satish Deodhar

Yash Satish Deodhar

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Photo of Shungo Fukaya

Shungo Fukaya

Photo of Noah Igram

Noah Igram

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Photo of Yang Jin

Yang Jin

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Photo of Olga Lew-Kiedrowska

Olga Lew-Kiedrowska

Photo of Gaoxiang Lu

Gaoxiang Lu

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Photo of Junior Ndayikengurukiye

Junior Ndayikengurukiye

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Photo of Robert Norwood

Robert Norwood

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Photo of Zheng Pei

Zheng Pei

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Photo of Marcos Rios

Marcos Rios

Photo of Max Rogal

Max Rogal

Photo of Neven  Vaduthala

Neven Vaduthala

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Photo of Hongming Wu

Hongming Wu

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Photo of Ting Wu

Ting Wu

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Photo of Zhuyan Zhang

Zhuyan Zhang

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