Visiting Faculty & Postdocs

Photo of Guy Amichay

Guy Amichay

Office: Tech M442
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Photo of Evan  Anders

Evan Anders

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Photo of Kyle Augustson

Kyle Augustson

Post Doctoral Fellow
Office: M464
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Photo of Simon Fabiunke

Simon Fabiunke

Photo of Cody Fitzgerald

Cody Fitzgerald

Office: Tech M441
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Photo of Ilaria Fontana

Ilaria Fontana

Office: Tech M464
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Photo of Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

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Photo of Katelyn Leisman

Katelyn Leisman

Research Assistant Professor
Office: M442, Tech
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Photo of Rui Luo

Rui Luo

Office: Tech M464
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Photo of Gary Nave

Gary Nave

Post Doctoral Fellow
Office: M441, Tech
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Photo of Rodrigo Bento Reboucas

Rodrigo Bento Reboucas

Post Doctoral Fellow
Office: M464, Tech
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Photo of Huitzil  Saul

Huitzil Saul

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Photo of Amir Shee

Amir Shee

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Photo of Bo Zhang

Bo Zhang

Office: Tech M441
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