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Tom Dean, Breakthrough Energy
Contrail Climate Impacts: Modeling and Mitigation Strategies

Maciej Lisicki, University of Warsaw and UPenn
Tales of tails: Elastohydrodynamics of microscale motion

3/27/24 Reiss Lecture
Peko Hosoi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Three Short Stories about Probability and Sports 

3/26/24 Reiss Lecutre
Peko Hosoi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Bio-inspired Filtration: Fundamental Fluid Mechanics of the Manta Ray

Geoff Vallis, Exeter
Rainy-Bénard Convection: An Idealization of a Moist Atmosphere

Albane Thery, University of Pennsylvania 
Building Models For Swimmers in Complex and Confined Environments

Milo Lin, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Mathematics of Life Series: Thermodynamic Cost of Molecular Computation

Schuyler Nicholson, Northwestern University
How to Quantify Rare-Events From Microscopic Kinetics Using Tensor Networks

10/23/23 (2023 Stephen H. Davis Lecture)
Michael D. Graham, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Data, Dynamics, and Manifolds: Machine Learning Approaches for Modeling and Controlling Complex Flows

Aleksandra Walczak, École Normale Supérieure, Paris 
Mathematics of Life Series: Formation of Immune Repertoire

Simone Bianco, Altos Labs - Bay Area Institute of Science
Computer-Aided Design of Synthetic Cells