Meet Our Students
Levi Todes

Photo of Levi Todes

Levi's undergraduate degree was a B.SC in Mechatronics, a topic that is often defined differently by all and covers a lot of relevant topics under the blanket of robotics. It encompassed some broad mechanical engineering fundamentals, low-current electronics, power electronics and control engineering. It also introduced him into the world of micro-controllers and their many uses, which was put to good use in his third-year project, which involved the construction and programming of a legged, walking robot.

His motivation for wanting to be a part of the MSR cohort and wanting to further his robotics skills and knowledge stems from his strong identity as a South African. South Africa and Africa as a whole is currently a place with both exciting innovation and great potential, and Levi wants to be a constructive part of this growth in the long term. As a South African born into a time when the tyrannic regime of apartheid had already been thwarted, yet a time when the effects are still present, he views it as a personal responsibility to contribute to the ongoing growth and transformation in the country.

Futhermore, Levi considers himself a sporty person, and his goal is to be able to incorporate his engineering skills and knowledge into the field of sport and athletics - for example, improving on field decisions using tech-entwined sports concepts. He also strongly believes that sport is a strong motivator and tool for body rehabilitation, and using engineering and technology to improve how the injured and people with disabilities train and compete could be a major factor in helping many on their road to physical rehabilitation, and subsequently improving their quality of life.

In November 2014, Levi attended a practical training course at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, where he learned to arc weld, to use a lathe machine, design automation with pneumatics, applied metrology, CNC machining, heat tempering and hardening, and Computer Aided Drafting.

In November 2016, he had an internship at the Bioelectronics and Neuroscience (BENS) Research Group at the University of Western Sydney, Australia, where his work mainly involved the basic use of sensors and servo motors to operate a multi-axial automated camera rig.

Prior to MSR, Levi was working at an engineering startup in Cape Town, South Africa called Balancell. Their focus is on building 'smart' Lithium Ferro Phosphate Battery Packs for industrial use. His role was to develop test rigs (designing and building circuits and programming micro-controllers) for their equipment and circuits.