Meet Our Students
Jordan Haskel

Photo of Jordan Haskel

Jordan received his undergraduate degree in mechatronics with first class honors at the University of Cape Town. This degree covered a wide range of concepts, touching on mechanical, electrical, and electronic concepts varying from light current devices and micro controllers to heavy current power applications. Jordan completed his final year project by designing, building, and testing a cost-effective tele-operated search and rescue robot for urban disaster zones.

Jordan was born in post-apartheid South Africa, an environment that presented many challenges but is also a platform for great potential. Jordan has a strong desire to use this platform to drive South Africa into the future with technology, and has the long term goal of using the expertise learnt and developed throughout his academic and professional career to help improve South Africa. The main aspect of this goal would be to improve South Africa's agricultural industry as well as to remedy some of South Africa's biggest issues, such as crime and safety, through the use of robotics and data science.