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Michael Wiznitzer

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Michael received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 2017. During his undergrad years, he was a key player in several projects aimed at making a difference in people’s lives, ranging from designing toys for kids with autism to co-managing a team to develop energy solutions for the City of Milwaukee. He continued to make a difference during his summer internships at Yaskawa America, where he helped debug firmware issues for motion controllers and design semi-conductor robot test fixtures for increased productivity. These experiences, combined with his involvement in his school’s collegiate rocket design competitions, boosted his interest in robotics.

As a student in the Master of Science in Robotics program at Northwestern University, Michael looks forward to studying autonomous robotics skills, including (but not limited to) path planning, AI, computer vision, algorithm design, and embedded systems. He hopes to use the skills he learns in industry for applications involving autonomous vehicles and/or robotic swarms.