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Aamir Husain

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Aamir is passionate about the application of robotics in health-related technology and how they can be designed to work seamlessly with regular human interactions. Due to his interest in the applications of engineering to health and medicine, he studied both biomedical engineering and biophysics at GWU. As an undergrad, Aamir became fascinated with 3D printing, developing osteochondral scaffolds in a tissue engineering lab as well as interning at a prosthetics company. He underscored his undergraduate career by working with a small team to build a washable, biometric compression shirt during his senior year. Aside from his academic work, Aamir was deeply involved in promoting student life and school spirit, organizing campus-wide events and playing an active part in student government.

Aamir worked as a consultant and software developer for two years in Washington, DC, implementing a new tax database management system for the District of Columbia. After becoming more involved with programming, Aamir decided to take what he learned from his academic and professional careers and join the MSR program. He continues to build his skillset so that he can develop innovative applications in the exciting field of robotics.