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Ben Don

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Ben has six years of industry experience working for the Texas-based, electronic test and measurement company, National Instruments (makers of the software LabVIEW), and views challenges from both a technical and business standpoint. Combining his experience in mechanical design and electronics testing with his five years of sales engineering experience allows Ben to understand and tackle complex problems, and explain why those problems matter in terms of the impact to both the customer and the company.

After completing his bachelors and masters back-to-back at the University of Michigan, Ben initially started in the Leadership Development Program at National Instruments in Illinois, focused on Application Engineering/Technical Support. He was eventually promoted up through multiple sales engineering roles, and sold millions of dollars of test, control, and measurement hardware and software to top companies all over Illinois and Wisconsin, covering industries ranging from Medical, Consumer Electronics, Energy, Aerospace/Defense, Telecommunications, Automotive, and Agricultural. His customers spanned the entire spectrum of NPI from R&D to Production (and even Warranty/Repair).

As a member of the Masters of Science in Robotics program, Ben seeks to gain knowledge in machine learning/AI, advanced kinematics, and neuroscience. He hopes to find a career working for a company investing in groundbreaking, helpful robotics applications.

In his free time, Ben enjoys riding his bike, playing the drums, watching live comedy shows, and reading books on technology, business, and self-improvement. As a Chicago local, he's a sucker for deep-dish pizza.