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Luke Shi

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In 2014 Luke obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with coursework focused in semiconductor material/device physics. During his tenure as an undergraduate, Luke also engaged in research focused on flexible and stretchable electronic devices for wearable biomedical applications. Through these research efforts, he gained experience in device characterization and fabrication.

Luke then went on to complete an MS in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania where he was involved in bio-inspired optical materials research. While at Penn, Luke re-evaluated his chosen field of study after he enrolled in a computer vision course. The study and implementation of algorithms relevant to computer vision and image processing sparked Luke's latent interest in robotics. Given his past experience working with wearable medical devices, Luke started to wonder how robotics could impact human-machine interfaces.

With this motivation, Luke enrolled in the Master of Science in Robotics program at Northwestern. He is eager to learn fundamentals and gain practical skills in artificial intelligence, machine learning, mechatronics, and control systems for medical robotics applications.