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Adam Pollack

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Adam graduated from Lehigh University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in May 2016. While at Lehigh, he took courses in mechanical engineering, computer science, and entrepreneurship. As part of Lehigh's Co-Op program, he worked as an engineering intern focused on mechanical engineering and material science at RathGibson, a tubing manufacturer. After completing two rotations there, he decided to shift his focus to integrate his love of computer science with his background in mechanical engineering. Having been part of a robotics team for four years in high school, robotics seemed like the perfect way to combine his two passions.

As a member of the MSR program, Adam hopes to gain knowledge in embedded systems, machine learning, and path planning. He hopes to find a career working for a company researching novel robotics applications.

In his free time, Adam enjoys going to the gym, watching TV shows including Mr. Robot and Silicon Valley, and working on programming projects.

Professional Experience

  • Software Developer, GreekPillar LLC
    In Summer 2016, Adam worked for GreekPillar, a startup providing software solutions for fraternity recruitment. At GreekPillar, Adam worked with the company founders to help bridge the gap between the business and programming side of their operations learning about both the back and front ends of web development. Based on market research, he designed and built a responsive UI for the platform which pulled data from a Robomongo database using AngularJS. He also used HTML/CSS and AngularJS to develop a dynamic form designer to allow campuses to customize their recruitment efforts.

  • Co-Op Engineer, RathGibson
    In Fall 2014 and Summer 2015, Adam worked in the research and development area of RathGibson, a tubing manufacturer, as part of Lehigh's Co-Op Program. While at RathGibson, he studied the materials science properties of tubing and conducted research into determining the burst pressure of a tube. Using data from the previous decade of burst testing performed at RathGibson as well as data from strain gages gathered during his own tests, he was able to formulate an equation to model the burst pressure of a tube based on other properties.