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Weiyuan Deng

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As a double major, I spent my first two years of college in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics at Sun Yat-Sen University in China. From there, I was admitted into a co-op program and had the opportunity to earn a second Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue School of Engineering and Technology. It was an interesting experience to complete my undergraduate studies in two vastly different cultures and educational systems. In my experience, the education system in China was focused more heavily on the theoretical side of science and technology, and in the United States schools encourage students to apply their expertise to practical engineering problems. It was an interesting transition to spend much of my efforts on research and design projects. I believe that studying in two different cultures helped me to become a fast learner, and provided me with experience in adapting to different environments and learning styles.

My goal as a graduate student in the MS in Robotics program is to enhance my skills in robotics-related topics such as programming, system analysis, design, and computer vision. I eventually hope to obtain a research and development position in the robotics industry.