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Mikhail Todes

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Mikhail graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2014. His undergraduate degree, a B.Sc in Mechatronics Engineering, encompassed fundamentals in Mechanical Engineering, light-current Electrical Engineering, and Power Electronics.

During his undergraduate he participated in a training workshop at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. This provided him with practical engineering experience in addition to his theoretical knowledge. The skills he learned included arc welding, the use of a lathe for machining, design of pneumatics-enabled automation, CNC machining, heat tempering and hardening, and Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD).

Born into the beginning of the post-Apartheid, newly democratic South Africa, Mikhail believes firmly in the vast potential of his country to spearhead the technological development not only of South Africa, but of the African continent as a whole. His overarching goal in the MSR program is to gain the knowledge and experience that will enable him to return to South Africa and play a constructive role in this developmental growth.