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Mahdieh Nejati Javaremi

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An alumnus of the Northwestern MS Robotics program, Mahdieh dreams of developing new products and technologies that benefit consumers and improve quality of life on a global scale. She's interested in assistive and medical devices, agricultural and horticultural robotics, and novel sensing and control strategies. She worked in the area of soft robots as a researcher in the Biomimetics Laboratory at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI), where she investigated the principles of aquatic locomotion and sensory feedback in animals. Through her research, she pioneered the development of a proprioceptive aquatic fin, which directly stimulated funding for a new submarine project (project Taniwha). She later worked as a mechatronics engineer at StretchSense Ltd, where she designed a, now patented, fabric stretch sensor. This expanded the startup's product line to wearable applications in the sports and fashion industry. During the MSR program, she interned as a roboticist at Applied Dexterity working on their surgical robotic platform. She is now working full time as a research fellow at the Assistive and Rehabilitation Laboratory at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC). Her future plans include pursuing doctoral studies in the area of collaborative human-robot interactions.

Her other interests include travel (15+ countries so far!), extreme sports, baking and cake decorating, macaroons, knitting, board games, brain teasers, walking (best time to think), and running.