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Matt Mongeon

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Matt graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2005 with a BS in computer engineering and spent the following 9 years as a software engineer at Frasca International, a flight simulation company. He developed simulations of aircraft systems as well as code for interaction between simulation software and avionics hardware in C++ and C#. As a lead software engineer and supervisor he led teams of software engineers on large-scale, high-fidelity simulator projects while mentoring engineers on his team and under his supervision.

In 2014 Matt enrolled in the Master of Science in Robotics program at Northwestern University to shift into the field of robotics. In October 2015 he started a position as electrical engineer in the Center for Bionic Medicine at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. Currently, he develops embedded software for electronics used in research projects involving myoelectric prostheses for upper and lower limbs, as well as desktop applications used as software tools.

Professional Experience

Lead software engineer at Frasca International, Inc. (June 2005 - August 2014): Roles included supervisor, team lead, and lead software engineer. Developed full systems simulations in C++ and C# as well as code for interaction between simulation software and hardware avionics units.

Electrical engineer at Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (October 2015 - Present): Develops embedded software in C and C++ for myoelectric upper and lower limb prostheses as well as desktop applications in C++ and C#.