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Guilherme A. Klink

Photo of Guilherme A.  Klink

In the Master of Science in Robotics program, Guilherme is leveraging the opportunity to compliment his software skills with knowledge of robotics and automation, allowing him to bridge the gap to the physical world. He is excited by projects and research that utilize robotic technologies in common daily tasks, especially when they are aimed at assisting people with disabilities.

Born and raised in Brazil, Guilherme obtained his B.S. in Computer Science at the Federal University of Uberlandia in 2010. During his undergraduate studies, he was active in student groups focused on developing computer games, mobile applications,and later he worked as a developer for Cedro, a company specializing in solutions for the stock market.

After graduation, Guilherme moved to Detroit, Michigan where he worked for Urban Science. As a consultant, he programmed applications to process information to help justify decisions for major car manufacturers on projects in the Americas. Under the tutelage of Michael Arkison and Ramon Motilla, he started the first of the company's smart databases containing Brazilian automotive data in unedited levels, propelling Urban Science's business in the 4th largest automotive market in the world.