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Nurullah Gulmus

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Nurullah Gulmus is a Master of Science in Robotics student at Northwestern University. He graduated from Ataturk University in Turkey with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2010. During his study and internships, he gained experience in many different branches of E&E engineering such as electronics, control, energy production, and high voltage transmission. After graduation, he spent 3 years working as an electrical engineer in high voltage electricity transmission and smart home lighting systems. In 2012 he earned a scholarship award sponsored by the Turkish government to pursue his MS and PhD in the United States. As part of his training, Nurullah completed the Intensive Academic English Language Program at the University of Pennsylvania in 2013.

As a part of MSR Nurullah is focusing on topics such as robot control, grasping and manipulation, prosthetics, and path planning. He is working to expand his analytical and programming skills to contribute to next-generation developments in robotics.