Faculty Directory
Abraham H. Haddad

Research Interests

Stochastic hybrid systems; channel allocation for multiple services digital networks; estimation, detection, and filtering of hybrid and nonlinear systems; applications to communications networks and manufacturing control; singular perturbation theory

Selected Publications

  • Haddad, A. H.; Cruz, J. B.; Hardaway, F. W.; Melsa, J. L.; Hecht, C.; Himmelblau, D. M.; Howard, M.; Kaufman, H.; Kadota, T. T.; Wyner, A. D.; Ziv, J.; Kara, H.; Mandrekar, V.; Park, G. L., SYMPOSIUM ON NONLINEAR ESTIMATION THEORY AND ITS APPLICATIONS, 2ND, PROCEEDINGS., [No source information available] (2017).
  • McRae, D. D.; Smith, E. F.; Greco, J.; Garodnick, J.; Schilling, D. L.; Tsai, S.; Chien, R. T.; Haddad, A. H.; Goldberg, B.; Moyes, E.; Quagliato, D.; McGruther, W.; Tucker, J. R., IEEE, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATIONS, PROCEEDINGS, PHILADELPHIA, PA, JUN 19-21 1972., [No source information available] (2017).