The PSED cluster fellows were organized into interdisciplinary groups to perform research in complex problems featuring elements from each of their areas of expertise and study. Click the links below to see a poster describing the key components of their year-long team efforts.


Predicting Avalanches in Granular Materials
Ian Madden, Alice Lucas, and Sara Bahaadini
Faculty Advisors:  Drs. Erik Luijten and Aggelos Katsaggelos

Data-Driven Design of Quasi-Periodic Plasmonic Lattice Structure Based on the Desired Optical Band Structure
Jun Guan and Yu-Chin Chan 
Faculty Advisors:  Drs. Teri Odom and Wei Chen

Linking Additive Manufacturing Process to Microstructure via Statistical-Based Analysis
Zilin Jiang, Dmitriy Kats, and MJ Sarfi
Faculty Advisors:  Drs. WingKam Liu, Greg Wagner, and Jian Cao

Multiscale simulation and uncertainty quantification of uni-directional carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite systems
Mahsa Tajdari and Tianyu Huang
Faculty Advisors:  Drs. Wing Kam Liu and Wei Chen

Microstructure Characterization and Reconstruction via Deep Learning
Zijiang Yang and Xiaolin Li
Faculty Advisors:  Drs. Ankit Agrawal and Wei Chen

Fatigue Life Prediction of Shape Memory Alloys
Karthik Gururangan, Nicolas Huang, and Justin Knobloch
Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Greg Olson


Integration of first principles calculations into nucleation theory for design of multi-phase thermoelectric materials
Xia Hua and Jonathan Pfluger
Faculty Advisors: Chris Wolverton, Vinayak Dravid, and Mercouri Kanatzidis

Image based Fatigue Prediction for SMA and AM Materials
Cheng Yu, Chuan Liu, and Kazuhiko Nishioka
Faculty Advisors: Wing Kam Liu and Gregory Olson

Concurrent Coupling of Phase Transformation and Grain Evolution Simulation in LENS Process for 316L Steel
Jiaying Gao, Jiawei Wang, Mani Ramesh, Ming-Chiang Chang
Faculty Advisors: Greg Olson and Wing Kam Liu

A Numerical Woven Composite Material Characterization Method based on the Representative Volume Element
Weizhao Zhang and Ramin Bostanabad (mentor)
Faculty Advisors: Jian Cao and Wei Chen

Integrated Simulation and Process Control for Distributed Manufacturing
Mojtaba Mozaffar and Arindam Paul
Faculty Advisors: Jian Cao and Ankit Agrawal

Design of Stretchable Plasmonic Metasurfaces
Tad Reese & Tucker Kearney
Faculty Advisors: Teri Odom and Wei Chen


Material Genome Prediction Based Analysis and Design of Polymer Nanocomposites
Yixing Wang and Yichi Zhang
Faculty Advisers:  Drs. Cate Brinson and Wei Chen

Structure-Property Characterization of Grain Structures in Additive Manufacturing
Puikei Cheng, Orion Kafka, Ryan Kulpins, Hui Yang, Cheng Yu, and Xu Zhang
Faculty Advisers:  Drs. Wing Kam Liu and Greg Olson

Computational Search for New Quaternary Strengthening Precipitates in Alloys
Amar Krishan & Kyoungdoc Kim 
Faculty Advisers:  Drs. Ankit Agrawal, Peter Voorhees, and Chris Wolverton

Additive Manufacturing: Process to Structure
Jenifer Bennet, Stephen Lin and Fan Meng
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Jian Cao, Greg Wagner, and Greg Olson

Inverse Design of Metal Nanoparticle Metal-Organic Framework for Tunable Adsorption
Tom Zhao and Jingtian Hu
Faculty Advisors:  Drs. Teri Odom and Neelesh Patankar


Accumulative Double Sided incremental Forming Process Design based on Prediction and Error Models
Huaqing Ren and Zixuan Zhang
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Jian Cao and Wei Chen

Additive Manufacturing Predictive Models and Process Design
Hong-Cin Liou, Sarah Wolff, Fuyao Yan
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Seyi Balogun, Jian Cao, and Greg Olson   

Material Genome Prediction Based Analysis and Design of Polymer Nanocomposites
Xiaolin Li and He (Richard) Zhao
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Cate Brinson and Wei Chen

Design of Locally Resonant Phonomic Crystal to Manipulate Surface Acoustic Waves and Lamb Waves
Xiang Chen, Jiadong Deng
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Oluwaseyi Balogun, Cheng Sun, and Wei Chen

Fatigue Behavior Analysis of NiTi Shape Memory Apply
Amit Behera, Ramin Bostanabad, Abhinav Saboo, Quan Xie, and Shan Yang
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Greg Olson, Wing Kam Liu, and Wei Chen


Developing Multi-Functional Surfaces in the Micro-rolling Process
Trista NG and Blake Johnson
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Jane Wang and Jian Cao

Computational Design of High Temperature Cast Aluminum For High-Efficiency Engines
Andrew Bobel, Marcia Allen, and Eddie Kao
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Greg Olson and Christopher Wolverton   

Design of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Meta-materials based on Nonlinear Vibration
Jiadong Deng, Zeliang Liu, and Min Zhang
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Wing Kam Liu, Cate Brinson, Cheng Sun, and Wei Chen

Statistical Learning of Microstructure Characteristics in the Design of Materials System
Ruoqian Liu and Hongyi Xu (invited)
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Alok Choudhary and Wei Chen


Vibration Energy Harvesting and Metamaterial Design
Evan Baker and Katherine Rorschach
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Cheng Sun and Wei Chen

Simultaneous Robust Shape and Topology Optimization under Geometric Uncertainty for Optical Metamaterials
Shuangcheng Yu and Chen Wang
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Wei Chen and Cheng Sun

Microstructure-Property Relation and Evolution for the Design of Advanced Hierarchical Materials
Jacob Smith, Joseph Schaefer, and Miguel Bessa
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Jian Cao, Issac Daniel, and Wing Kam Liu

Design of Porous Shape Memory Alloys through Predictive Science
Nick Wengrenoivh and Pingping Zhu
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Greg Olson and Cate Brinson


Multiscale Modeling and Design of Shape-Memory Polymers
Brendan Abberton, Luis Ruiz, and Jifeng Zhao
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Wing Kam Liu, Sinan Keten, and Ted Belytschko

Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification of Restrictive Parylene-C Deposition to Enhance Drug Delivery Applications Erik Robinson, Wylie Stroberg, and Zhen Jiang
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Dean Ho, Wing Kam Liu, and Wei Chen

Advancement of Shape Memory Alloys for Heart Valve Stents through Predictive Science
Dana Frankel, Ricardo Komai, John Moore, Hongyi Xu
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Greg Olson, Wing Kam Liu, and Wei Chen

Uncertainty Quantification in Transfer Printing
Larry Cheng and Zhen Jiang
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Yonggang Huang and Wei Chen


Metal-Polymer Laminate Composite: Modeling and Design
Yang Li, Ying Li, and Jiayi Yan
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Cate Brinson, Wing Kam Liu, Greg Olson

MD Modeling of Nanodiamond PEI Interaction Towards Delivery of Nucleic Acids
Han Bin Man and Mandar Kulkarni
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Dean Ho and Wing Kam Liu

Modeling  Electrical Conductivity in Metallic Crystals using a Lattice-site Model
Pritha Ghosh and James Magargee
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Randy Snurr and Jian Cao

A Classification Model for Rhythmic Behavior in C. elegans
Changhyeok Lee and Peter Winter
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Sanjay Mehrotra and Richard Morimoto


Concurrent Design of Automotive Shape Memory Alloys and Acuators
Tengfei Jiang and Aaron Stebner
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Cate Brinson, David Dunand, Greg Olson

Uncertainty Quantification of the Nanodiamond Drug Diamond System
Michelle Hallikainen and Robert Lam
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Wei Chen, Dean Ho, Wing Kam Liu, Ann Mckenna

Validation and Prediction of Incremental Forming Process
Paul Arendt and Rajiv Malhotra
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Dan Apley, Ted Belytschko, Jian Cao, Wei Chen

Material and Structure Design for Dynamic Energy Dissipation
Ravi S. Bellur Ramaswamy, George Fraley, and Steve Greene
Faculty Advisers: Drs. Wei Chen, Horacio Espinosa, Wing Kam Liu, Greg Olson