Faculty & Cluster Fellows
Cluster Fellows
2009-2010 Fellows

The following is a list of our 2009-2010 cluster fellow and includes their major, principle adviser and co-adviser, and research topic.

Paul Adrent, ME
Research topic: Uncertainty of quanitification for design of multiscale systems

Ravi Bellur, ME
Research topic: Design of marine composite sandwish panels for underwater blasts

Steve Greene, CEE
Research topic: Stochastic Design of Multiscale Dynamic Materials

Michelle Halikaine, ME
Research topic: Multilevel uncertainty quanitification scheme in drug delivery system/education research

Tengfei Jiang, MSE
Research topic: Design of high performance shape memory alloys for automotive applications

Robert Lam, ME
Research topic: Nanodiamond-Parylen Hybrid Microfilms

Malhotra, ME
Research topic: Optimal toolpath generation for staming freeform components

Aaron Stebner, ME
Research topic: SMA Micromechanics modeling and device design