Faculty & Cluster Fellows
Cluster Fellows
2019-2020 Fellows

The following is a list of our current cluster fellow and includes their major, principle adviser and co-adviser, and research topic.


Marisa Ravena Bisram, ME
Principle Adviser: Jian Cao (ME)
Co-Adviser: Kornel Ehmann (ME)
Research topic: Multi-scale and data-driven mechanistic modelling of hybrid woven composite fabrics

Satyajit Mojumder, TAM
Principle Adviser: Wing Kam Liu (ME)
Research topic: Multiscale data-driven mechanics

Umar Farooq, ME
Principle Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Co-Adviser: Greg Wagner (ME)
Research topic: Statistical characterization and reconstruction of AM-built microstructures

Sourav Saha, TAM
Principle Adviser: Wing Kam Liu (ME)
Co-Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Research topic: Developing a physics-informed simulation framework for AM-built parts

Lichao Fang, ME
Principle Adviser: Greg Wagner (ME)
Co-Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Research topic: Statistical microstructure characterization of AM-built parts

Shuheng Liao, ME
Principle Adviser: Jian Cao (ME)
Co-Adviser: Todd Murphey (ME)
Research topic: Improving part geometric accuracy in DSIF and machine control

Ru Yang, ME
Principle Adviser: Ping Guo (ME)
Research topic: Develop a system to recognize small tool movement

Shizhou Jiang, ME
Principle Adviser: Oluwaseyi Balogun (ME)
Co-Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Research topic: Design of plasmonic metasurfaces having 2D array of plasmonic dimer nanoantennas

Cheol Woo (Peter) Park, MSE
Principle Adviser: Chris Wolverton (MSE)
Co-Adviser: Wei Chen (ME)
Research topic: Machine learning of atomistic dynamics in microstructures for design of energy materials